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    It is common to hear about the need to improve value in the healthcare system but what exactly does this mean? Value, in this context, refers to the combination of cost and quality. In order to improve value in healthcare, we must decrease cost and improve quality.

    Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

    Unfortunately, most new initiatives may improve quality but do so at an increased cost. On the other hand, many strategies which decrease cost, also decrease quality.

    Our goal is to develop strategies that can improve quality of care and decrease cost. Some of these methods can be provided directly to patients, while others are directed towards the healthcare providers.

    Concierge Care

    For patients, an online second opinion and concierge care can be an invaluable way to ensure the highest level of care while minimizing the cost by eliminating travel to another location.


    For providers, making decisions regarding patient care while working at optimal performance will optimize not only the quality of patient care but also the satisfaction and enjoyment of medical practice.

    These initiative don’t cost the healthcare system money and would result in improved quality.

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