In order to provide clients with the resources to pursue their goals, we have intentionally selected and developed partnerships with companies that are aligned with the principles and practices that we are working to develop.

These companies have generously agreed to provide clients with special discounts. Please visit each page for further details.

Firstbeat provides detailed measurement and analysis of sleep, stress, exercise, and recovery.  The resulting data allows for a comprehensive analysis of daily demands and the impact of our recovery routine, which in turn provides feedback on the impact of our high performance skills and habits.  When conducted on a semi-regular basis, we can obtain ongoing data to direct our daily routines. I am excited to not only offer clients of Darin Davidson, MD Consulting the opportunity to benefit from the data provided but also, as an approved Firstbeat Life provider, in depth analysis and recommendations on the basis of the metrics.  This information and insight will be instrumental to enhancing daily routines and recovery practices in order to develop sustainable high performance.  For more information, please visit

Recovery is an essential component to pursuing our best. Traditionally, this aspect of high performance has not been integrated into the healthcare system. In order to develop health and wellness within the healthcare system, promote high performance, and decrease burnout amongst healthcare professionals, we need to integrate a recovery routine within our daily schedules.

I am very excited to partner with Hyperice, a worldwide leader in the field of recovery. Through their innovative technology and app based routines, they provide the foundation for high level recovery thereby allowing each of us to pursue our best in life. Professional athletes prioritize their recovery in order to compete at their highest level and Hyperice is partnered with several professional sports leagues and individual athletes. The demands within the healthcare system for patients and professionals, both physical and mental, require a similar emphasis on recovery, making Hyperice an ideal partner.
I have incorporated Hyperice technology, specifically the Hypervolt, into my daily recovery routine and find it to be an essential element. I am excited to be able to offer clients of Darin Davidson, MD Consulting access to discounted pricing for this indispensable technology.


Recovery from physical and emotional stress is an essential component to being able to be at our best as humans.  In order to optimize our recovery and be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally for the next challenge in life, we should utilize all available modalities.  Apollo Neuro has developed a wearable technology to assist with recovery through activation of the autonomic nervous system, essentially helping to train our bodies to better handle and recover from stress, as well as improve our focus and sleep.

Since I began using this device, I have found it to be an essential part of my recovery regimen.  I am very excited to partner with Apollo Neuro and to offer clients of Darin Davidson, MD Consulting discounted pricing on this device.  I think it will become an indispensable part of your recovery routine.


Using Oura ring has provided me with beneficial information and insights which have contributed to an improved recovery routine and an enhanced ability to tailor daily activities to my level of readiness and recovery. In the pursuit of sustainable high performance within the paradigm of The Healthcare Athlete, I think use of Oura ring is indispensable. I am very excited to incorporate the ring with clients of Darin Davidson, MD Consulting.