The origin story

Welcome to Darin Davidson, MD Consulting. The purpose behind this site is to contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible!  I believe a new direction is needed to reach this goal.

During my clinical practice, I was fortunate to be able to help many people and by extension their families and loved ones. Though rewarding, the scope of this was somewhat limited. I also found that many ways of helping people were not given attention within the traditional medical system. The benefits of mindset training, recovery from stress, meditation, sleep, nutrition, optimism training, and many others are well known and promoted in many other areas of life. What are they not a foundational part of traditional health care? After all if these factors have the ability to help someone feel better, shouldn’t they be regularly incorporated into the treatment plan?

Also, who looks after the healthcare providers? It is well know that there are ever increasing concerns with provider burnout, mental health issues, and even provider suicide. Shouldn’t we be employing every means at our disposal to look after the providers? If a provider isn’t in an optimal state, how can they possibly provide the best possible care to patients?

That’s where Darin Davidson, MD Consulting comes in. My goal is to promote health and wellness not only for patients with musculoskeletal problems but for all health care providers. I believe that incorporating a holistic approach to health care can optimize not only disease treatment but promotion of wellness for patients and their families. To accomplish this, I will provide second opinions not only regarding the management of the disease but the holistic options which have a scientific basis to be helpful.

In addition, I will focus on improving the mindset and performance of healthcare providers by promoting well established and proven principles of peak performance, recovery, mindset training, meditation, recovery, sleep, and other traits that can be developed.

Though this is not a traditional model for healthcare, it is a model that has been well developed in many other areas of life and has every reason to be of benefit to patients and healthcare providers alike.

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