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The Practices of the Healthcare Athlete provides a framework to pursue health, wellbeing, and sustainable high performance for healthcare professionals at work and in all domains of life.  The absolute requirement for sustainable high performance is the presence not only of health, but of wellbeing.

The skills and habits that make up The Practices of the Healthcare Athlete allow for the promotion of wellbeing and, therefore, allow for the pursuit of sustainable high performance.  The presence of wellbeing is multi-dimensional and includes physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual factors.  Each of these elements are important and necessary to develop the foundation for sustainable high performance.

How can we pursue wellbeing in the absence of safety? 

It is with this in mind, that I believe we must and can do better to tackle the issue of gun violence in the United States.  Is it really a political statement to say that we must not become numb to this issue and we must find a solution to the seemingly increasing problem?  This isn’t about political views- we can all agree that children deserve to go to school without worrying about guns, that we can all grocery shop, attend concerts, go out with friends, and do pretty much any regular activity without this in the background.

Without wellbeing there is no sustainable high performance.  Without safety, there can be no wellbeing.  It is really that simple.  In order for any, and all, of us to pursue our best in life, we rely on a foundation of wellbeing.  That foundation cannot be stable without safety and, therefore, we must take action, irrespective of political affiliation.  Working together, we can find common ground, develop solutions, restore safety and thereby strengthen our foundation of wellbeing, allowing each of us to then pursue our fullest potential in any and all areas of life.

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